Welcome to my website. I am a flash animator. You can find information about 
all my flash projects and much other stuff I created. You can also get my files   
from the download section. I started Flash in May 2000. 
This website opened in January 2001. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at: McFretN@Home.NL    .  
I retired from the flash scene 6-28-2002
The A lot of people requested me to create a sequel to brutality.
I attempted to create Brutality: Power overwhelming several times but it
just didnt turn out the way i wanted it to. And so i finally gave up
on it. I feel sorry to keep a project unfinished but for me, there was
no other option since i cant do anything good when im not motivated.
I will still be visiting the flashstyle boards now and then.
And Ci3 is back online. Dont bother mailing me at mcfretn@home.nl
since im using a new email adress now. Id like to keep it hidden to avoid
getting it spammed like my old one. If you have any questions, you can
contact me on the flashstyle boards.
(McFretN Forums are closed because EzBoards is too horrible)
Merchandise available! 2-14-2002
The I never thought it would get this crazy, but Flashstyle arranged
an online store for Combat Instinct Merchandise at www.cafepress.com
Go and take a look. You just know you want a CI mug! :)
And btw. happy valentines day!
Small update 1-18-2002
The Combat instinct 3 is now downloadable at Flashstyle.org: Ci3.zip
You have my permission to distribute this file. Enjoy!
CI3 launched tonight 12-2-2001
The good folks at www.flashstyle.org offered me to let them host CI3 on
their server. I dont have the webspace to deal with a shocking 5.3 megs,
so i accepted their offer. Go and play Combat Instinct 3 now! Im sorry
that i kept you waiting for this moment for so long.
There are some difficulties with showing CI1, CI2 and Brutality because
the Newgrounds servers are down at the moment. I cant tell when they
will be working again.
Combat Instinct 3 will be longer 10-26-2001
After completing stage 3, i decided to add another boss stage to give
the game a better ending. This is the reason why you`re still waiting.
The game would already be finished now if it wasnt for this expansion.
The forum visitors get what they wanted... 9-23-2001
The McFretN.nl chatbox is now online. but for how long?!... go check it
out and join the flaming, insulting and other mindless conversations!
For those who wonder... Yes, Combat instinct 3 is still in the making
and it WILL be better than CI2!
Why there was no news for a while... 8-2-2001
I accidently lost my password for the ftp of this site. so i couldnt update
it until i got a new one. Anyway, back to business. Im glad to announce
that CI3 is about halfway and looking better than anything before. Some
new screenies have been added to ease the curiousity. Some
interesting stuff is going on in the Forums: CI going RTS in flash?
im glad that i dont have to do the programming.
Everything working now 6-10-2001
The first visitors have appeared on the forum and everyone is welcome to
join them. I also added a feature that allows you to reply on the news.
(note: this feature has been removed)
Woohoo! site makeover 6-7-2001
I`m back from an extremely fun (and warm) week in Portugal. Check out
the new site layout... Looking good! less space wasted on the main
menu and a flash animated logo. Some buttons have disappeared and
others are new. Be sure to check out the new Forums! Some links are
still not functional but that will change soon.
I will be gone for a while 5-25-2001
Im going to Portugal for 8 days, so i wont be able to check my mail&icq
For those who have some questions, i created a FAQ section which
covers about all the questions that people ask me over and over again.
Combat instinct 3 is in the works 4-28-2001
Not much done yet.I was kinda busy last months. I just did a few minor
updates on the site.The first screenshot of Combat instinct 3 has
appeared and i changed the Projects and Links page a bit. I have some
spare time coming up and I hope I can use it to give this site a makeover
and continue Ci3.im also playing Planetarion again. Man! just as
addictive as in old days (ehm, last year)
Brutality is now online! 4-12-2001
Check it out here! No, there is no new music because Shok suddenly
went to the Bahamas :-D. Tom and i decided to put it up as it is and
update it whenever the music is done. As you already noticed,
i finally got a new url: www.mcfretn.nl !!! No, its not mcfretn.com but
I think that this one`s even better.
Any Serious Sam players around here? 4-9-2001
While waiting for the music of Brutality to be completed, I tried out this
new game called Serious Sam. Its AWESOME!. If you havent got it yet,
Buy it now!! Because then you`ll be able to check out this deathmatch
map i made; Ancient City ;-)
Just a little longer... 3-31-2001
Some people wondered why this site hasnt been updated for so long.
Well... there was just nothing special to tell. Anyway, Brutality will suffer
a small delay. All the graphics are done and its already put together but
Tom Fulp (Founder of Newgrounds.com) gave me an interesting offer.
He suggested that Shok (from FDA) can probably make some music for
Brutality that fits the action perfectly. To ease your waiting, i will add a
few more screenshots. I cant tell how much longer it will take, but the
waiting will eventually pay off. Brutality is also featured on NG alphas.
Brutality trailer released! 1-28-2001
There hasn`t been an update for a while. But now there is a big one.
The preview of Brutality is now online. Go check it out and tell me what
you think! The progress of Brutality is on schedule, about 50% is done!
URL trouble 1-16-2001
It looks like i have to wait at least another 2 weeks for my beloved url to
show up: mcfretn.com. Maybe Namezero wasn`t such a good choice
after all. Well thats all i have to say for now, not much!
Projects update 1-11-2001
I invented a title for my upcoming movie: Brutality!
If you think the title sucks, E-mail me a better one and I might change it
when its a good one! Remember that it can`t be DBZ-related.
I don`t wanna get seued ;-P
I added a screenshot as well. Be sure to check it out!
Site still under construction! 1-6-2001
Some stuff doesn't work yet. But take a look around.
The site will open in a few days on its real URL:http://www.McFretn.com