Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next brutality coming out?
I cant say that. I never place deadlines because of the following:
-When i have to hurry. the quality of my projects will be much worse
-Deadlines make my hobby feel like a job
-People will get impatient whenever i cant keep up with a deadline.
I can only give an estimated time of release when the project is close to being finished.
What program do you use to make games and movies like that?
I use Flash 5 from Macromedia. You can get it at
How do you create good movies or games?
Keep using flash and doing tutorials. The more you use the program... the more experienced you`ll get.
You must be patient and capable of spending enough time on your flash projects
Where did you get your talent from?
Ive been using flash for a year now. And some people think i increased my skills really fast. 
But that must be different for everyone, right?
What are you going to do make after you finished Brutality 2?
I have no clue. (No! im not going to make a Combat Instinct 4 or Brutality 3)
Dont bother me with ideas because ive got plenty of them. You can discuss your ideas on the forums.
How long did it take to make each of your movies?
(These figures are not exact! they were made up in about 5 seconds)
Pikachu gets it: 3 hours in 1 day
Die Trainer, Die!: 8 hours in 3 days
Combat instinct: 30 hours in 1 month
Combat instinct 2: 100 hours in 3 months
Brutality: 80 hours in 4 months
Combat instinct 3: 160 hours in 7 months
Can you show me how to make a shooter game?
E-mail me and ill send you a .fla example... be warned though. graphics look verry crappy!

What are the names of the songs used in your movies?
Die Trainer, Die ... Guano apes - Lords of the boards
Combat instinct ... Intro: Korn - Got the life
Stage 1: Skip raiders feat. Jada - Just another day
Stage 2: Dj Cosmo - Surenety
Combat instinct 2 ... Intro: Underworld - Born Slippy
Stage 1: Prodigy - Voodoo People
Stage 2: Outworld - The end (Please dont ask me how I got the non-vocal version.. i dont know!)
Stage 3: Skip raiders feat. Jada - Another day
Combat instinct 3 ... Intro: Proffessor X - Darkside Style & 
intro song from the game MAD thermonuclear warfare (by Small Rockets)
Stage 2: Final boss music from the game Serious Sam (by Croteam)
Stage 3: Fight05 music from the game Serious Sam
Credits: Astral PRojection - Triptomime Dream
Brutality ... Korn - Lets get this party started
Bullfrog - DK2 edit (Dungeon keeper 2)
Where can I download those songs? at least, thats where i got them.
Will you team up with me to make my upcoming flash game/movie?
Can you send me the .FLA file of one of your movies so i can see how you did it?
Can you send me the .SWF file of one of your movies so i can put it on my site?
When im in a very good mood, i might feel like mailing it. (uploading takes so long!)
I would rather see that you make a link to one of the following urls: Can I showcase Combat Instinct 3 on my site? Combat instinct 3 is copyrighted and will only work on the specified website that has been encrypted in the file. You can e-mail me: in order to make an arrangement.
Do you get lots of mail? and do you read and reply each one of them? Yes. I get about 15 mails a day. And i read each one of them, but i do not reply to those who are... extremely short, Hard to understand because of typos or spelling mistakes,or make no sense.
I cant play the sniper mode in Combat instinct 2! can you fix it?
No. Someone else scripted the sniper for me. I dont know action scripting (yet). 
Only Mac users seem to have this problem. 
I wont be able to test or debug it because i dont know anyone with a Mac to test it on.
Besides. then i still have to send everyone an updated version.