Projects under construction:
Brutality: Power Overwhelming

Finished Flash projects:
Combat Instinct 
Combat Instinct 2
Combat Instinct 3

Old Flash projects:
Picachu gets it		This is my first flash work. !Dont expect too much!
Die Trainer Die		Can be relieving... when youre very, very bored!
Tinylan 3			    check out this intro i made. *COUGH*  

Other non-Flash projects:

Ancient City (Serious sam Deathmatch map)

Click on the picture to download.

For those who dont know what Serious Sam is. goto 
THIS is a game everyone should play! Youll laugh your ass off. 
But beware... its so damn addictive.

If you are a serious sam player, 1 deathmatch map is not enough!

Angrymob - A Half-Life Team Fortress Classic map in the ghettos of some big city!
A large mob armed with crowbars will rip the President apart! 
Unless if they get blown up and machinegunned by the heavily armored bodyguards.
Fun guaranteed when played with 32 people. Too bad i only got to play it with 12 people.

Screenies: Click to enlarge

Download - 550 KB

Old projects:

I still have some cool blood levels lying around. They consumed a lot of time 
and it bothers me that only very few people played it. Thats why i put it on this site.
These maps are included (most are deathmatch):
Zeppelin;	Deathmatch in a zeppelin in the sky. Dont fall down!
Stadium;	Monolith failed to create a football map. So i created one with a scoreboard. 
		A zombie head is the ball. Its a bit weird but what the heck.
Sim-Army;	Spawn as many monsters of any type as you like and frag em down!
Fortress;	Giant multiplayer fragfest with many tricks & traps and secrets. a must see!

Download (74K)

Does anyone still have good old Duke Nukem 3D? if so, you should really try these maps.
no, They are not just the average cheesy user maps, These have real quality! 
But you need Duke3d version 1.5! Most of them are Deathmatch maps.
I uploaded them to this page because I spent a lot of time in them but only a few people saw it.
Download this dusty old stuff here! duke3d_levels.rar - 154 KB