If you want to affiliate you can e-mail me and I will see if it fits in the category.

www.mcfretn.nl button
www.newgrounds.com The biggest Flash fan site in the world!
www.virtual-fx.net A very good site for flash tutorials.
www.macromedia.com Download flash here and many other graphic programs.
www.flashstyle.org Looking for something similar to Combat instinct? check out Raging Flight.
www.flashstruck.com Homepage by the creator of the Stryke series.
www.shockedmind.f2s.com Another site about flash. It has some toons and games as well
www.urbaninfluence.f2s.com Flash games and movies
www.darkcreeper.com `Fun for the entire demented family`
www.zno.cjb.net Cool flash site! be sure to check out Violence Without Meaning... hilarious!
www.carnagedepot.com The Stickslayer is one of my favourite series. must see!
www.echo27.com Visit the website of the awesome Hostage Situation series.
www.madteaparty.net An original looking site with some wicked games.