This is my `very interesting` story about my life on the internet

The beginning

We got cable in juli 1999 (Yes, lucky me ;-) Before that i didnt really care about internet. 
All i did on my computer was playing multiplayer games on small lanparties with my neighbours.
Ah! Those good old days. Well, back to the story.
A friend told me to try Team Fortress Classic for Half-Life online. 
I already had half-life which was my favourite so why not? 
From that moment i got addicted to it and played hours and hours of TFC.
Me and some of my pals started a clan named [RIOT] (dont ask!). 
That didnt work out at all and we decided to stop it after 2 months. 
A while later I joined a dutch clan named The Lynch Mob (www.tlm-clan.net).
They played wars every week and they even organised lans! (www.Tinylan.com)! 
Everything that a TFC-addict could dream of. I still play with this clan but the only problem is
that the TFC scene died a bit in the last few months. So we had busier days.

Discovery of Newgrounds and Flash

In May 2000 someone showed me a site called www.planetarion.com. 
Planetarion is a massive multiplayer game about space empires and stuff 
(take a look for yourself if you want more information about it).
I lost interest in this game after a few weeks and started peeking around other sections of the site. 
There i found the link www.newgrounds.com I checked it out and I immediatly loved it!
Blasting baddies with Pico, Flying shooter (now Wasted Sky), playing Street Life 
and many other great games in the Newgrounds Portal.

My first movies!

After exploring the site I got to the `learn flash section` and found out that 
these movies and games were made by flash. There was a link where i could download flash.
Creative as i am, I eagerly clicked it and wanted to make stuff myself. 
After a few lessons with flash and some fooling around. 
My first creation was accomplished Picachu gets it. I really hate it now but I was proud of it back then.
After finding out what ratings mean I wanted to make a better one. So Die Trainer Die was born. 
These 2 movies are about pokemon because i didnt have much imagination that time 
so i chose that corny subject. People liked that one and so my desire for fame increased.

The start of Combat Instinct

I decided to go for the first spot and invented an original concept. 
Space combat was not seen before on Newgrounds at the time so i started one. 
The next month I was working on Combat Instinct.
I submitted in the portal where it received a maximum score of 4.39 out of 5.00 with 300 votes casted. 
WOW!!! Man what was I proud of myself :-). It stuck around on nr.1 for a week or something. 
Its score lowered down in the following months ending up on the 100th spot somewhere. 
But i got an extreme amount of fan-mail considering Combat Instinct 1. They all loved it and wanted more!
Even Tom Fulp (The founder of Newgrounds) mailed me about it.
I decided to create a sequel named Combat Instinct 2 and give the fans what they want.

The big success

I spent the following 3 months on Combat instinct 2. 
Man! I worked like hell just for that feeling of being number 1 and being flooded with fan-mails and feedback.
Combat Instinct 2 was different from its prequel but it had major improvement on graphics and gameplay. 
People loved it when i submitted it to the portal. 
Newgrounds had a new big frontpage topic: Combat Instinct 2 launched! (thanks tom!) 
And the rating reached a top of 4.47/5.00 at 500 votes. That must have been the highest rating a movie ever had.
I was really enjoying my success until the score started to drop again after 2 weeks of `Favourite of all time` 
which was less fun to watch. Although i still enjoyed the Posts on the Newgrounds BBS 
from people that were pissed because i wasnt number 1 anymore. CI2 is still somewhere in the top 20 and 
I am glad to be one of the most appreciated Flash animators of Newgrounds!